Koh Tao

Koh Tao is located in the Gulf of Thailand, about 60 km north of Koh Samui, with an area of approx. 22 square kilometers. Mainland Chumporn lies noth-west and Surat Thani south-west. You can reach Koh Tao from these places with different ships.
The name of the island comes from the many turtles that used to lay their eggs on the beaches. The island was used between 1937-1947 as a natural prison for Rebels at that time. The ocean served as liquid wall. The population of the island began with the brothers Ueam&Oh who came in 1947 to the island to live. This was the start of the population here. They lived on coconuts, fishing and vegetables. At that time is was not easy to reach the island by small fishing boats, it was also very dangerous. The first backpackers discovered Koh Tao in the 80’s, it was a secret insider tip among travellers. However, the growing number of tourist could not prevent the island from tourism and transportation is much easier nowadays.
Today, Koh Tao, with its natural vegetation, rough boulders, and last but not least the wonderful underwater world, is a much preferred travel destination in Thailand from all around the world. There is nature for everyone – tropical jungle, white sandy beach, little bays or high and rough cliffs and boulders. Koh Tao is worth a visit and will be an unforgettable holiday for you. You’ll have lots to tell when you’re back!

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