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We are glad that you have chosen Calypso Diving for your diving course. Diving is a fantastic and utmost diversified type of sport. Not many activities bring you so close to nature and richness of species as diving on a tropical coral reef. You are much closer to your goal; it does not matter if you are looking for a thrill or just want totally to relax.
Our professional instructor team offers you range of diving courses- from complete beginner to instructor level. We value a through and thorough education but it should not lack of fun. The dive theory is given by the instructor personally; we do not use a quick video lesson. We have diving courses in English, German or French!


You are at the right place!
We have decided to give diving education mainly according to the guidelines of the CMAS diver education system at Calypso. The education standards and requirements of the CMAS system are more challenging and not commercialized. This is much closer to our personal expectations and philosophy. Our dive centre is also one of the founders of the ATUS (Association of Thailand Underwater Sports), which is the representative organisation of CMAS in Thailand.
However, all divers from all diving organisations are welcome! We also offer diver education of the SSI System.
Depending on the season PADI instructors are available (Prices on request)
You can’t decide which system to choose? Don’t worry. Once you feel you need explanation, we will provide you with all information and you can choose which system you prefer.
(Please scroll down to read more comparisons of CMAS and PADI)

Try Dive

A try dive is the first time you meet the fascinating underwater world. We have a beautiful house reef right in front of our dive centre with perfect conditions for a beginner. After a thorough briefing of the principles of diving you will find yourself in water up to your waist. That gives you the opportunity to get used to your new environment before you start a tour on the wonderful reef. You will be amazed at once when you see the colourful corals and fish of the tropical seas through your mask and enjoy your tour underwater.
The duration of your tour depends on your air consumption. The depth is also adjusted on your individual request or condition, however not deeper than 12 metres.

Price 2.500 THB

CMAS/TDA* Bronze

After completing all skill requirements of the CMAS/TDA* Bronze brevet, you can dive without hesitation and in group of an experienced dive leader . Depending on your experience you may also dive deeper than 18 meters. This brevet enables you to dive everywhere in the world together with anther CMAS/TDA* (Bronze) diver.
Between 12 and 14 years of age CMAS/TDA Bronze-Junior limited to 12 meters, from 14 years up to 18 meters during training, 5 training dives.

Price 11.000 THB

CMAS/TDA** Silver

The CMAS/TDA** candidates must have 20 logged dives to participate this course. Minimum 10 dives must be between 18 and 25 meters. The candidate should also complete an “Underwater Navigation” and provide proof of CPR Course (not older than 1 year). After the CMAS/TDA** (Silver) brevet, the diver will be able to plan dives independently and to dive with other divers that have the same level of certification.
Min. 15 of age, max. depth 25 meters (for training dives), 6 training dives, rescue skills.

Price 13.500 THB

CMAS/TDA*** Gold

The candidate must have 40 logged dives beginning from the date of certification of the CMAS/TDA** brevet. Minimum 10 of these should be between 25 meters and 40 meters. Then you also need to complete one Specialty of Level 2, e.g. Night Dive, Dry Suit, Drift Dive. After the candidate has accomplished the course and earned the CMAS/TDA*** (Gold) certification, this diver may be able to plan and lead dives, diving organizations and may also lead inexperienced divers in a safe manner.
Min. 18 years of age, max. depth 40 meters, duration of training min. 2 weeks, 15 training dives.

Price on request

Children's Try Dive

Here we need to state one important issue. Since children are difficult to asses for their fitness of diving only by their age, we have to reserve the right to decide this on-site if the child can participate in the Try Dive Program/Diving Course. Please make sure you provide a physician’s report stating that the child is fit for diving.
Min. 8 years of age, introduction dive max . depth 5 meters, ratio – 1 Instructor for 2 Students.


An introduction to CMAS

Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques

CMAS is the World Diving Association. It is a non-profit organization with members in 114 countries and is acting as the umbrella organisation for the national associations in the same direction. The CMAS organisation in Thailand is the TDA (Thailand Diving Association). Together with representatives form 15 other countries; Jacques-Eves Cousteau was the founder of this worldwide organisation in 1959.

CMAS has more than 100 000 instructors in more than 114 countries, who give diver education according to standards of CMAS, a representative of a non-profit diving organisation. This is also proved by the widely governmental acceptance of the CMAS diver brevets – partially at all stages-, especially at instructor level by the national associations; in some cases even legally required.

CMAS, as the World Diving Organisation sets its focus on a good and solid diver education and not on commercial competition or aggressive growth. It acts as an umbrella establishment for each member country. The quickest way to obtain a diving certification is not the spotlight of CMAS. Also, further levels of training vary a lot from other commercial orientated diving organisations, because CMAS requires “between” the levels minimum requirements for experience (e.g. number of dives) and mastering of practical and theoretical knowledge of diving. This continues also at instructor level, where the candidate is required to volunteer at a dive centre to earn sufficient experience before the certification. Unfortunately, this is not a requirement at other commercial orientated diving organisations.

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