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The owner of Calypso Diving Koh Tao is a passionate diver since youth and fulfilled his dream of having a dive school, which he founded together with his brother. Since more than 15 years Dennis manages the dive shop in Tanote Bay. He is a CMAS Course Director and PADI Instructor and the "man for everything". His brother Damir is back in Germany and still very active in his job as a commercial diver.

Michel - CMAS/ATUS *** Instructor, Instructor for Children

This veteran of Calypso Diving, is a CMAS/ATUS*** Instructor, Instructor for Children. He is on first name level with every fish around and knows just by the sight of coral if there is a turtle somewhere close. A trustworthy lad from Cologne/Germany for students and experienced divers.
His trademark: Huge apnoea fins and the biggest diving knife ever, which would even make Crocodile Dundee turn pale.
Favourite dive sites: Chumphon pinnacle and Dune.

Norbert - CMAS/ATUS** Instructor

… or just “Nobby”. He is a CMAS/ATUS 2 Star Instructor and is a product of our own selection. Nobby has come to this point within three years, starting from complete novice to CMAS Instructor. At this point he is an experienced Instructor with a great approach to environmental protection and efficient training combined with fun!
Trademark: Blond fuzzy head (bleached by the sun!) with his “baton” under water. He is an active WWF member.
Favourite dive sites: Southwest Pinnacle and Coral Garden.

Balu - CMAS/ATUS TL ***

His real name is actually Jürgen and he is a CMAS/ATUS *** Instructor. He earned his nick name very easily- he is as easygoing and fun-loving like Baloo the bear from the Jungle Book. His expertise is the teaching of dive novices. His calmness, peace and patience lead even students with the utmost reserves against diving to take the plunge and to discover diving.
Trademark: He brings everyday a bunch of bananas to work.
Favourite dive sites: Tanote Bay and Chumphon Pinnacle.

Axel - CMAS/ATUS****, Infocenter Germany

Axel is now for many years our contact person in Germany and he is also a CMAS/ATUS **** with approx. 1500 dives. Any questions you may have in mind – general diving or special inquiries such as your journey or accommodation to Koh Tao – you can address to Axel. You can also book the Bungalows at the Family Tanote Bay Resort, where our dive center is located.
You can contact Axel by email or even more personal by phone. He will give you all necessary and helpful information you may need to plan a relaxed and unforgettable holiday in Thailand and our dive center.

Tanote Bay
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