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Our customers ask us many times, what else to do in Thailand. We would like to introduce you Anavat, one of the most sought after nature guides in Thailand. He offers you a tour in the secret cosmos of the jungle. You can be alone or travel with a bunch of people, Anavat organizes each tour individually based on needs of the group. No one can combine nature and relaxation better than Anavat in such a constructive way; he does this for long years.
You always wanted to see a real jungle and observe rare species? Do you want to bathe at a waterfall? Hear exotic sounds and smell the nature? Not many people know and love the jungles of Thailand as Anavat . He knows each worm by name and justs needs to listen to the birds and knows which one it is. He knows where the monkeys have their lunch and the elephants take a nap, because he spent so much time in their company. If you would like to see the off-roads of a jungle, then Anavat is the man you have to contact.

Who is Anavat?

If I try to write down Anavat’s life now and here, I would still be writing today. Looking at old photos at his house in Bangkok I saw him as a manager of a boxing champion, employee of an air cargo company in the early 70’s, owne of a successful logistic company and father of a happy family until the late 70’s.
When his wife died in tragic traffic accident in 1979, Anavat retreats to the jungle in west Thailand during the whole 80’s. He lived in harmony with the ethnical folk of the Karen, who took him as a son. Here he sees how the natural heritance of his country became vulnerable, and learns everything about the fauna and flora in the jungle, observed tigers and elephants, discovers his passion for birds. Soon he learns to identify them by their singing. The Karen teach him to respect the ghosts of forest and the creatures inhabiting it. He spends many days in the jungle, sleeps under the sky and feeds on the fruits and roots. Even today he always produces some crop out of his bag when he is back from his tours. Grinning like a little boy who has just nicked some cherries from the neighbour’s garden.
He returns to Bangkok in the 90’s to provide an appropriate education for his three sons and marries his second wife Keaw. He becomes a tour guide to provide for his family and leads Thai groups all around the world, learns western culture in Europe and the States and introduces it to his fellow Thai friends. But he misses the jungle and seeks at the first convenient time always the peace of the jungle. He spends much time with his family camping in the forest and national parks.
Anavat feels deeply connected to the Karen; he spent a long time in the jungle with them. The Karen inhabit originally east of Burma until the Thai border and constitute with more than 6 million people biggest population after the Bamars and Shans in Burma. The Burmese military government fights the Karen for more than 50 years, burns down their villages, rapes the women and randomly shoots civilians. More and more Karen flee to Thailand, where they end up in refugee camps. Anavat follows up closely the political events in the neighbouring country and engages himself strongly for a political change and end of the genocide. He sponsors children for many years to provide them a proper education.
In 2004 German documentary producers made a documentary about Anavat and the Karen, in 2007 Anavat engages in the Project “Bhurmariders – Bicycle Tour for Human Rights” and effectively participates in the information chain to report the refugee drama.
I still can’t believe it, but he’s 60 years old… at least on paper. Now, as one of the most well-known tour guides of his country, he simply enjoys introducing his beautiful country and its secrets to others. You may be just two backpackers seeking some adventure in the back of his all-terrain vehicle driving along a long forgotten path or are American professional ornithologists – he loves it. He is the master of tailoring the perfect journey for you. There is nothing that gives him such a satisfaction seeing the shining eyes of people when they are introduced to the secrets of the jungle and are enchanted by the magic.


What languages does Anavat speak?

His native language is Thai, but speaks and writes fluently English. Sometimes you may think he understands the language of the animals, actually he can roughly tell you when they are just chatting or are talking something important. Surely you will have the most unusual and interesting translator.

How much does a tour cost?

Anavat does not have fixed prices, but arranges each tour individually based on your budget and time suggestions. It would be better you contact him by clicking the contact button and ask him by yourself.

What shall I bring with me?

Anavat provides you with all necessary equipment. This includes, tents, sleeping bags, mosquito nets, mosquito repellents etc. You should bring your trekking shoes (or trainers), rain coat, sun hat and sun cream, long trousers (thin fabric), long sleeved t-shirt and a backpack for daily use. A small torch, binoculars, swimming suit makes also sense. If there are other necessary things you may need during the tour, Anavat will let you know before the trip.

Does Anavat manage the tour all by himself?

Anavat employs, if necessary, a cook and a driver for his team. This gives him time to take care of this customers. Your suitcases will always be one step ahead, you don’t need to think about these. Since he has many years of experience in the area, he also knows the key persons, i.e. national park rangers, and has many friends on his tracks. Sometimes a small talk is not only a small talk, it is an important information exchange. This allows him to know the current feeding grounds of different animals, like elephants. You will be surprised how he manages to be at the right time at the right place.

Do I have to consider dangerous insects/ malaria?

No, you don’t! Surely there are many insects in the jungle of Thailand but a very small number of anything dangerous. Well, and if the mosquitoes like you a lot, Anavat has always spare repellents with him. Your tent or bungalow would also be mosquito-proof. During the wet season, leeches may be a unpleasant issue. Long trousers and small meshed socks or special leggings should be sufficient. Anyway, Anavat can help you also with that.

Most of the areas are malaria-free zones. Anavat will provide you with information in case there is any malaria case. Any preventative measure is unnecessary, since there are many different kinds of malaria and they can also have severe side effects. ‘Not to get bitten’ is still the best solution, which also protects you from any other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. The best protection is a good mosquito repellent and long clothing.

Does Anavat only know the jungle areas?

His greatest passion may be the jungle, but he is well informed about the cultural aspects of his country. He is a highly educated person and has a vast knowledge about history. Temples and urban sight seeing is also a part of tour if you wish between national parks. Learning history and culture during your Thailand visit is not such a bad idea.

What will we eat?

Noodles, rice, vegetables, steak, salad, soup, fresh fruits, fish, dairies, muesli, coffee, tea, beer, toast, sandwich, cookies, chips, palm nectar etc. One of the most favoured local food on your way is the banana sticky rice wrapped in bamboo

How strenuous is such a tour?

You can decide how strenuous it will be. You tent area or bungalow will be the starting point. You may walk into the nearby jungle or cycle first a few kilometres or take a minibus to your starting point. Trips can take an hour or a whole day, just as you wish and according to your expectations. Anavat provides you with necessary information about the trip and how strenuous it might be. He packs everything for you in your daily rucksack for the relevant trip and reminds you which appropriate clothing you should wear.

Are rare animals guaranteed?

Observing rare animals like elephants or gibbons is much more complicated as it seems. Different from the African savannah, it is more difficult so find them in the jungle. On your discovery tour you will be more thrilled with surprises. Even if you don’t come across rare animals, anything else you’ll see is worth a journey to the jungle. The flora and fauna in its diversity is full of surprises. Many national parks are untouched and are home of more then 10% of the world known animals such as gibbons, wild cats, porcupines, Old World monkeys, leopards, elephants etc. Moreover, there over 950 species of birds, some very rare, in the jungle areas. Of course can Anavat not promise to produce on demand animals, but he’s a quite high hit rate. Just take a peek into the photo gallery.

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