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Sailing Nautiness Samui

NEW: Cooperation between Calypso Diving Koh Tao & Sailing Nautiness Samui. Sailing and Diving - a perfect combination around Koh Tao
The team at Calypso Diving found a partnership on "Diving for spontaneous Deciders" for guests of Sailing NAUTINESS Co. Ltd. Koh Samui.
The crew of this beautiful ship guaranteed under consideration of wind and weather with a knowledgeable local navigation and using the most modern equipment on board the sailing catamaran NAUTINESS II to arrange an unforgettable diving and sailing experience for you.
Each cruise can be temporarily and individually planned together with you on daily basis and flexibly adapted to diving needs! The crew aboard the largest liveaboard sailing yacht in the archipelago around Koh Tao sails on direct way to the Tanote Bay and transfers you into the capable hands of Diving Instructors of Calypso Diving.
Even if you've never been under water, but always dreamed of having the feeling of weightlessness, here we offer you the opportunity to realize your dreams - IN PRIVATE ATMOSPHERE!
Private RATES for dives with the team at Calypso Diving Koh Tao - Your personal instructor, dive guaranteed only with you and your accompaniment: see chart to the right.
CALYPSO DIVING Koh Tao requires the following information before the first dive:
  • Diving license (not required for Discover Scuba Dive)
  • Logbook (if available)
  • How much diving experience?
  • When was the last dive?
The dives are payable best directly at Calypso Diving cash in THB. At current exchange rates also following currencies are possible: CHF, EUR and USD.
If you are interested in the participation of lower-priced dives with open groups (NOT PRIVATE!), then of course shall apply the appropriate rates of Calypso Diving.
If interested in Diving & Sailing cruises we would recommend to directly visit their website.


Tanote Bay Reef

1 Person - 2000 THB
2 Person - 1500 THB p.P.
3 Person - 1400 THB p.P.
4 Person - 1200 THB p.P.

Calypso Dive-Boat (2 Dives)

1 Person - 5000 THB
2 Person - 4000 THB p.P.
3 Person - 3500 THB p.P.
4 Person - 3000 THB p.P.

Scuba Review (1 Dive)

1 Person - 4000 THB
2 Person - 3000 THB p.P.
3 Person - 2500 THB p.P.
4 Person - 2000 THB p.P.

Discover Scuba Dive (1 Dive)

1 Person - 5000 THB
2 Person - 4000 THB p.P.
3 Person - 3500 THB p.P.
4 Person - 3000 THB p.P.

Night-Dive (1 Dive)

1 Person - 3000 THB
2 Person - 2500 THB p.P.
3 Person - 2000 THB p.P.
4 Person - 1500 THB p.P.

Tanote Bay
84360 Koh Tao, Thailand
Tel: +66 848 415 166
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